NES Listing

24/09/2019 05:48:52 AM


NES Listing

NES aims to be a practical coin.
NES does not emphasize the technical part like most coins. NES is a coin that can serve as a payment.
NES will issue a Debit Card and will develop NES's own POS, NFC and RFID.
This is very basic to the payment system. NES coin is faithful to the basic technology.
Many people regard virtual currency as fictional but make it a coin that is easily accessible to the general public.
The ability to use virtual currency in real life rather than speculation is a big feature of other coins.
Debit cards from NES can be used anywhere in the world.
NES is a coin system whose algorithm is X13 and has its own mainnet.
The NES coin was made in Korea.

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BFX Listing

20/09/2019 09:01:48 AM


BFX Listing

BFX CRYPTOWORKS LIMITED company is leading the international financial system integration based on partnership through providing total solution and e-Business based on the best human resources and excellent technology after being established in February 2015 by experts who have know-hows on virtual money that was accumulated for several years such as bitcoin, digital currency and etc and the group is proceeding the business with mission to distribute worldwide by developing BFX Coin which is virtual money with the better and more advanced algorithm than bitcoin.


Also, we are providing various services for the digital money to approach closer to actual live by establishing project based on Entertainment & creative ideas and the providing services are such as virtual money,

pin-tech, block chain, exchange solution development, consulting and setup of stop, simple overseas currency remittance and etc. Not only this, we are doing our best in crowd funding, sharing economy, organism, recognition and iris recognition ATM technology development and object internet IOT solution technology development which are up-to-date trends.

BFX Coin is a type of electronic cash that can be discreetly exchanged for Entertainment products and services, and subsequently converted into fiat currency

BFX Coin is an extension of the Bitcoin protocol with enhancements (e.g. 10x faster transaction speeds, Low commission Charges, Point of stake protocol).

BFX Coin transactions are securely processed on a decentralized computer network eliminating the need to use traditional financial services and payment processors (e.g. PayPal)

BFX Coin is specially designed for online gaming and entertainment transaction

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TopcoinFx Listing

20/09/2019 08:56:51 AM


TopcoinFx TCFX Listing


TopcoinFx Token (TCFX) is used in the ecosystem of Topcoinfx. including: TopcoinFx is a statistics page of all virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, digital currency or pre-algorithms) that are circulating worldwide, including Bitcoin and Altcoin., Crypto currency trading exchange, Social network and e-commerce

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BTZ Delisting

14/09/2019 06:57:06 AM


BTZ Delisting Notice


BTZ will be delisted from Tradesatoshi Exchange on September 30 2019

Please cancel all your open orders and withdraw your coins before that date.

Withdrawal after September 30 will not be possible.

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Removal from BTC trading Pair - LVH SMLY POP AIRx MAT TRTL OBE GOLD IGG

14/09/2019 06:53:29 AM

Removal from BTC trading Pair - LVH SMLY POP AIRx MAT TRTL OBE GOLD IGG 


Tradesatoshi will remove the folowing coins on September 30 2019 from the BTC trading pair because low liquidity:

Users will still be able to trade on other available trading pairs: USDT ETH DOGE

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0XD Blackmail

13/09/2019 09:49:41 AM

Important information regarding 0XD

On August 15 2019 0XD team apply for listing on Tradesatoshi.

On August 16 2019 0XD was listed on Tradesatoshi.

The contract of the 0XD ERC20 token was

On September 9 2019 a team member from 0XD open a support request letting Tradesatoshi know that there has been a swap on 0XD and that they want to swap to the new 0XD contract without paying the swap fee.

At this point Tradesatoshi had no complete information about this swap, when toke place, etc.


After investigation Tradesatoshi found out that the swap toke place two days before, and that the new 0XD was already trading on other exchanges, due this many users deposits and withdraw coins to the wrong contract.

0XD team inform Tradesatoshi about the swap two days after it toke place.

The new 0XD contract is

0XD team is now blackmailing Tradesatoshi to perform the swap for free or they will ask Coinmarketcap to delist our exchange from 

0XD team is deceiving its community spreading false information that Tradesatoshi have refused to do the swap.

0XD team is deceiving its community spreading false information that Tradesatoshi will dump 0XD coins.

Tradesatoshi will not tolerate this behaviour and for this reasons and other reasons not stated here Tradesatoshi will not longer support 0XD and it will be delisted on September 30 2019 and those accounts involved with the blackmail will be terminated.

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0XD Delisting

13/09/2019 06:03:48 AM

0XD has swapped into a new contract, unfortunatly 0XD team will not swap on Tradesatoshi and for this reason 0XD will be delisted on September 30 2019.

Please withdraw all your 0XD before September 30 2019, withdrawal after that date will not be possible.

Tradesatoshi 0XD contract is

Make sure you are sending the coins to a wallet that support this contract.


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Dust Balance

12/09/2019 05:50:29 AM

Tradesatoshi is glad to announce that has added a new feature that allows users to get rid of "dust balance"

"Dust balance" is the term used for those small amounts of coins remaining on a wallet and that cannot be traded or withdrew.

Tradesatoshi's new feature "Dust" it allows to get rid of those unwanted small balances.

To use this function just go to your Tradesatoshi Balance page

Click on the trash bin of the coin you wish to get rid of

And click Yes or No


* Please note that once you have send the unwanted balance to the trash bin it cannot be recoverable.

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Global X Change Listing

11/09/2019 06:33:38 AM

Global X Change - GXT  Listed on Tradesatoshi Exchange

The GXMarkets protocol is to establish money markets on the Ethereum blockchain, which are pools of tokens with algorithmically derived interest rates, based on the supply and demand for the token. There is direct interaction with suppliers (and borrowers) of an asset with the protocol, earning (and paying) a floating interest rate, without having to negotiate terms such as maturity, interest rate, or collateral with a peer or counterparty. Each money market is unique to an ERC-20 token (such as tokenized Ether, a stablecoin such as Dai, or a utility token such as Golem), and contains a transparent and publicly-inspectable balance sheet, with a record of all transactions and historical interest rates


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Global Smart Asset Listing

11/09/2019 06:21:34 AM

Global Smart Asset - GSA Listed on Tradesatoshi

Global Smart Asset is a proof of Stack AND Proof of Masternodes (POS+MN) digital Cryptocurrency and digital coin. Global Smart Asset also use to be alternative fait money.

Global Smart Asset is POS Blockchain is supported by Masternodes. Masternodes are computers that enable processing of transactions within a Blockchain and in return earn a reward from the blocks created.

Global Smart Asset offers also a service for launching Masternodes, which is designed to solve the investors problems.Masternode creator has no needs to study the cryptocurrency and no need spend time on the hosting MN VPS study to understand the details of Hosting systems.

Global Smart Asset coin is a advanced governance budgeting system it's based on consensus will allow submit your vote on proposals through blockchain, favoring decisions on how to allocate budgets for development.

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