API Market Order

24/08/2019 11:03:46 AM


Market Order has been added to Tradesatoshi API


Dear users, now its possible to place market orders trough our API.


What is a Market Order?

A market order is an order to buy or sell at the best available price, please be aware that this type of order needs liquidity on the orderbook, for this reason we advice to check the orderbook before placing this type of order.


Documentation on how to use this and other API's can be found here

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API Upgrade

24/08/2019 10:49:36 AM


Tradesatoshi has made a new upgrade it's API

API keys can now be easily managed from the user panel, some of the new features on this upgrade are:

- Multiple API keys (up to five).
- Labeling, save each API key with a name.
- Enable or disable the folowing features:
    API ENABLED, enable or disable the api key
    ALLOW READ, allow read only
    API TIP ENABLED, enable or disable chat tip api
    API WITHDRAW ENABLED, enable or disable withdrawal via api
    API TRANSFER ENABLED, enable or disable transfer via api
    API TRADE ENABLED, enable or disable trading via api


Tradesatoshi is bringing new upgrades soon for those users who use our API this will bring them a better trading experience, we are open to suggestions, if you want a new feature you want to add please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

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HORA LVH TWX IGG Added To Faucet

24/08/2019 10:23:12 AM


HORA LVH TWX IGG Added To Tradesatoshi Faucet

Tradesatoshi added HORA LVH TWX IGG to our Faucets

Users can now claim every hour and get free HORA LVH TWX IGG and many other coins.

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IGG Listing

21/08/2019 13:36:01 PM


Tradesatoshi List IGG

The IGG token will fundamentally disrupt the way value is exchanged within the competitive gaming and esports industry. The token will primarily be utilised as a form of value: for prize pools, player compensation, player transfers, purchase of merchandise and performing a range of other activities on the IG platform.


Contract Address TVQ6jYV5yTtRsKcD8aRc1a4Kei4V45ixLn

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TWX Listing

21/08/2019 13:34:33 PM


Tradesatoshi list TronWallet - TWX

TronWallet is a fully decentralized P2P crypto wallet for TRON.

No fees — Yes, that’s right, sending and receiving TRX is free.

UX Design — Beautiful and practical design for a fast and intuitive experience

Open source & Privacy — Very important, your keys are yours and PRIVATE to you only. We never hold your keys (you may check the code!)

Fully decentralized p2p wallet — no login, no signup

Local secret encryption + PIN — encrypted the database file on disk with AES-256+SHA2 by supplying a 64-byte encryption key powered by a realm database)

All TRON network operations supported (except ‘create token’)

Push notifications — get notified immediately once transactions are processed

Easy to use — a lot of detail went into making the user experience very simple (and fast!)

Benchmark vs. 20+ top crypto wallets — yeah, we checked other wallets to make sure Tron Wallet is top-notch in features and build quality

Tron Wallet API — we made it easy for app and game developers to integrate and use TRON

TronWallet is officially supported by TRON Foundation through TRON Accelerator and is a recommended wallet.

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LVH Listing

21/08/2019 13:29:37 PM

Tradesatoshi list LoveHearts - LVH 



LoveHearts connect people. We are creating an entire ecosystem for LoveHearts, join the heart family, spread the love, watch us grow.

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HORA Listing

21/08/2019 13:28:36 PM


Tradesatoshi list HORA

HORA is a rewarding token that will be used in video games. Hora Tokens can be gained ( mined ) only by playing Crypto Idle Miner, Hora Games mobile game. Hora Token has a monthly minting limit of 100m tokens, and the cap of 12 billions which should be reached in the next 10 years.


Contract Address


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1000000 WINk Giveaway

20/08/2019 09:09:57 AM


Tradesatoshi is glad to announce its first Chatroom Giveaway.



For 10 days a total of 1,000,000 WINk will be airdroped to our users via Tradesatoshi's Chat Tipping.


Giveaway will start on August 21 2019 7:00 am UTC and will end on August 30 2019.


Every day 100,000 WINk will be airdroped, for a total of 1,000,000 WINk in 10 days.


How can i receive the airdrop?


Its simple, just register at and be active on the chatroom, every hour our tipping bot will tip the last 10 active users 416.66666667 WINk each.


WINk Giveaway in numbers:
416.66666667 WINk x 10 user = 4166.6666667 WINk per hour
4166.6666666 WINk x 24 hours = 100000.0000008 per day
100000.0000008  WINk x 10 days = 1000000.000008 in total of 10 days


*Tradesatoshi reserves the right of final interpretation of the giveaway. Those users involved in manipulation or those who create multiple accounts will not receive the giveaway. In case of maintenance or downtime the hourly giveaway will be postponed for the following hour.

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Supported Countries

19/08/2019 07:50:13 AM


Tradesatoshi will discontinue all trading services in these countries on October 1 2019.


The countries that will be affected are: USA, Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Serbia, Japan.


Users from these countries recently received this warning message:

"Dear user, it seems that you are accessing from an IP belonging to one of the following countries: USA, Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Serbia, Japan. Please note that from October 1 2019 Deposit and Trading will be suspended for users from the countries listed above. For more information, please contact support."



Tradesatoshi will no longer provide services to any U.S. person and registration for users residing in USA, Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Serbia, Japan is no longer possible.


What will happen after October 1 2019 for users of USA, Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Serbia, Japan?


If you are a user from any of this countries you will still be able to access Tradesatoshi, trading, transfer and deposit will be disable, you will only be able to withdraw the balances you hold to an external wallet.


If you are not a user, you will not be able to register.


For more information please contact support.

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WINK Airdrop

17/08/2019 07:57:19 AM


Tradesatoshi will support the Wink WIN Airdrop

Users with more than 100 Tron (TRX) will receive the Wink (WIN) Airdrop.
The Airdrop snapshot will take place on August 28th, 2019, 00:00:00 (SGT) And the coins will be Airdroped on the following days.

For more information, please visit the official Wink post about the Airdrop here:

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