BUZZ delisting postponed

29/06/2019 17:16:21 PM


UPDATE June 30 2019

After waiting 24 days finally BUZZ has released the patch for their broken coin.
Tradesatoshi applied the patch and wallet is now open for withdrawals.
BUZZ will be delisted from Tradesatoshi on July 8 2019, please withdraw all your BUZZ prior that date


On Jun 17 2019 Tradesatoshi announced the delisting of BUZZ and allow a reasonable time frame for its users to withdraw their coins.

BUZZ has been in maintenance since the June 6 2019 when someone from the BUZZ team let us know on a support ticket that Buzzcoin has reached max supply, there are some block generation problems, the situation was unclear, they are investigating and they will provide us with a patch.

We been monitoring the BUZZ Github and the only activity there was is that the BUZZ source code has been deleted
and nothing else has been uploaded to the releases area.

On June 18 2019 unfortunately after the delisting notice this person send a threatening message to us on that same support ticket and since then the official BUZZ twitter account has posted that Tradesatoshi is a scam and will not let anyone to withdraw their BUZZ.

Some of this posts can be seen here:

Tradesatoshi want their users to know that: 
Is not possible to open withdrawals if BUZZ team don't fix the blockchain problem.
We been waiting for this patch since June 6 2019.
The person that is in charge of BUZZ is not communicating with us and is only sending threatening messages via our support system.
BUZZ is constantly spreading false information on social media, blogs and forums about Tradesatoshi.
There is no patch on Github.
Last Block on the chain is 1617058 with the hash 0000000000000733c6db0c1a159caf50ed680c2f76c48df5c2077109a74de3a4 with a timestamp 6th Jun 2019 15:41:12 , the blockchain is stuck since June 6.

Buzz blockchain seems broken and is very unlikely that will be fixed.

Tradesatoshi ask BUZZ to put aside the false accusations and non sense confrontation and upload to the official BUZZ github the patch and relevant instructions that we been waiting since June 6 2019 and that we require for our users to withdraw their coins.

For this reason Tradesatoshi will postpone the delisting of BUZZ and as soon as the "patch" is implemented Tradesatoshi will open wallets for withdrawals.

Dear BUZZ team please upload the patch to your official Github, Tradesatoshi users are waiting for you.

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On June 29 at 8 am UTC Tradesatoshi will undergo a system upgrade that will last approximately two hours, during this time users will be unable to access the site.

27/06/2019 07:42:21 AM

Published by: ModDonnie

FRED will be delisted on June 28 2019 FRED is swapping into a new token We advice our users to contact FRED developers and withdraw their coins before that date

21/06/2019 06:46:39 AM

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eBoost Trading Competition, WIN 20000 EBST Tradesatoshi is glad to announce its second Trading Competition this July 1 2019 For conditions and prices please check this link

21/06/2019 05:54:52 AM

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To provide a better trading experience to our users LTC base market will be removed because of low liquidity and trading volume on July 1 2019 Coins traded on LTC market can still be traded on BTC DOGE USDT and ETH markets

20/06/2019 06:44:37 AM

Published by: ModDonnie

Tradesatoshi will remove the following coins from BTC trading pairs because low liquidity and trading volume on July 1 2019 Users will still be able to trade on DOGE USDT ETH pairs for more information visit

18/06/2019 04:03:11 AM

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GrafenoCoin $GFNCASH Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange You can now trade $GFNCASH on $BTC $DOGE $LTC $USDT and $ETH base markets

18/06/2019 02:06:31 AM

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Tradesatoshi will delist the following coins because low liquidity and trading volume on July 1 2019 for more information visit

17/06/2019 09:00:05 AM

WAB    last trade on WAB_BTC was on 21/05/19
COBRA    last trade on COBRA_BTC was on 12/06/19
WOW    last trade on WOW_BTC was on 14/06/19
sBTC    last trade on sBTC_BTC was on 13/06/19
CONT    last trade on CONT_BTC was on 15/06/19
JAAG    last trade on JAAG_BTC was on 15/06/19
XGOX    last trade on XGOX_BTC was on 14/06/19
ZRS    last trade on ZRS_BTC was on 13/06/19
MCW    last trade on MCW_BTC was on 04/06/19
STS    last trade on STS_BTC was on 13/06/19
CAZ    last trade on CAZ_LTC was on 11/06/19
KB3    last trade on KB3_BTC was on 03/06/19
XSPEC    last trade on XSPEC_BTC was on 14/06/19
CHEESE    last trade on CHEESE_DOGE was on 17/06/19
INSN    last trade on INSN_BTC was on 16/06/19
USX    last trade on USX_BTC was on 08/06/19
BZNT    last trade on BZNT_BTC was on 15/06/19
XN    last trade on XN_BTC was on 12/06/19
TMRW    last trade on TMRW_BTC was on 14/06/19
EXM    last trade on EXM_BTC was on 12/06/19
NPC    last trade on NPC_BTC was on 11/06/19
SPK    last trade on SPK_BTC was on 13/06/19
NEBL    last trade on NEBL_BTC was on 16/06/19
CLY    last trade on CLY_BTC was on 08/06/19
THD    last trade on THD_BTC was on 16/06/19
THOR    last trade on THOR_DOGE was on 08/06/19
SUN    last trade on SUN_BTC was on 08/06/19
BUZZ    last trade on BUZZ_DOGE was on 15/06/19
SFI    last trade on SFI_DOGE was on 12/06/19
DOXY    last trade on DOXY_BTC was on 13/06/19
XBI    last trade on XBI_BTC was on 04/06/19
SHMN    last trade on SHMN_BTC was on 11/06/19

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Sollida Coin will be delisted from Tradesatoshi on June 24. SLC swapped into an ERC20 token.

17/06/2019 07:16:21 AM

Published by: ModDonnie

Orientum Coin will be delisted from Tradesatoshi on June 24. ORT swapped into an ERC20 token.

17/06/2019 06:53:07 AM

Published by: ModDonnie