BTRS Listing

30/10/2019 05:51:29 AM

BTRS Listing

BitBall Treasure (BTRS)- generated to reward Contributions made through us.
Updates: Lottery, BTRS Staking, Goals & LOGO in planning. Listed on 33 exchanges including Base pairs.

BitBall Treasure (BTRS)

A Fork of BitBall (BTB) !

Bitball Treasure (BTRS) - Unique treasure Token. BTRS has maximum supply of 1 million only, making it a treasure with more functionality in Bitball Merchandise & will be the only token that can be used for VIP sales on our trading platform. More Information is updated on our Progress Map. BTRS on Exchanges: Coinex Market, Saturn Network, EtherFlyer Exchange FreeTrade Exchange, TokenJar, Ethen, BambooRelay BTRS HODLING REWARDS ‪BTRS holders will receive same amount of BTB being held.‬ ‪Ex. Holding 10 BTRS = will receive 10 BTB‬ ‪CONTRIBUTORS WHO GOT BTB & BTRS THROUGH US WILL RECEIVE 5 TIMES BTB ON HOLDING BTRS‬ ‪Ex. Holding 1000 BTRS = will receive 3000 BTB MORE INFO ON BTRS

BitBall Treasure (BTRS describes itself as a treasure coin (a fork of Bitball). BTRS will be the only digital currency that can be exchanged for treasure items on the Bitball merchandise page. BitBall Treasure will be used for VIP SALE items on its trading platform, Paying through BTRS will allow users to save 20% on transaction fees.

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BTB Listing

27/10/2019 05:27:04 AM

BTB Listing


Bitball BTB Ecosystem & Fork Bitball Treasure BTRS

Cryptocurrencies (BTC, BTB, ETH, BTRS) & Fiat (Paypal) based E-Barter trading platform-
Buy/Sell anything anywhere for free*.
Bitball Ecosystem- all in one cryptocurrency covering all aspects of financial transactions via Btb build on Ethereum blockchain.
BitBall Treasure (BTRS)- generated to reward Contributions made through us.
Updates: Lottery, Staking, Goals & LOGO in planning. Listed on 32 exchanges including Base pairs.


BitBall (BTB) — BitBall (BTB) — All in One Decentralized Cryptocurrency. Listed on 32 exchanges (including top CMC exchange- vindax & 2 base/major pair exchange), Ebarter platform launch date: 1st of July 2019. #NoFakePromises
E Barter trading website:
Base/Major pair partner exchange:

CoinMarketCap Link:
🔰Child Token >>Bitball Treasure (BTRS) Forked ! 🔰

Bitball Ecosystem with unique Goals covering all Financial aspects of Digital Transactions build on Ethereum Blockchain. #NoFakePromises.
A unique Multipurpose Digital currency with Endless Possibilities and Rewards — Bitball (BTB) ecosystem building bridge between Digital currencies, exchanges & clients all over the world. Our main goals are related to transactions across the globe with a user friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone at every level. Our phase 4 will include building an exchange for goods and services between people all over the world based on #cryptocurrency & Fiat.

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HOT Listing

27/10/2019 03:33:15 AM

HOT Listing

Holo fuel is more than a cryptocurrency. It is a mutual credit accounting system.

Our developers have been at the forefront of alternative forms of exchanging value (aka “currency”) before bitcoin even existed. Their masterpiece, Holochain, is even just a piece of a larger puzzle, Ceptr. Holo is large enough to try and grasp, so this page will be devoted to Holo/Holochain news and basic understanding only. The full picture will come sooner than you think.

Holochain is a new open source framework for truly peer-to-peer applications. Holo acts as a bridge between Holochain apps and users by creating an ecosystem that enables distributed hosting services provided by peers.

Holochain is a data integrity engine for distributed applications. It uses a validating DHT (Distributed Hash Table) where every user has their own chain. A transaction is signed and countersigned onto each parties chain and then this information is published to the shared Distributed Hash Table. (Never heard of a DHT? One of the more famous Hash Tables used is found in BitTorrent.) THIS IS NOT a blockchain.

Holo is an ecosystem built on top of Holochain and composed of hosts and users of distributed computing. Hosts can host truly distributed apps and get paid in Holo fuel for hosting.

Holo fuel is not a token or a coin—it’s an asset-backed mutual-credit crypto-accounting system. Holo fuel combines the idea of mutual-credit currencies that enable healthy ecosystems of flow and balance with cryptography for data integrity to create a type of cryptocurrency designed to be useful and relatively stable for the promotion of growth in active ecosystems, and not stagnant, volatile, or conducive to speculation.

Simply put, we are building Holochain to create not just a decentralized internet, but a distributed internet. Applications of all kinds will be built on Holochain and since it will be truly peer to peer, the future internet will not be beholden to the current internet hosting industry.

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DEFL Trading Competition

25/10/2019 06:39:24 AM



Tradesatoshi is glad to announce a new Trading Competition for this October 28 2019. Users will be ranked on the total DEFL/BTC volume traded (Buys and Sell included).

Trading competition will start at 09:00 UTC October 28 and will end at 09:00 UTC November 6 2019. Users ranked with the highest volume on the pair DEFL/BTC will win a shared pool of 25000 DEFL

1. Top 1 trader will receive and 8000 DEFL
2. Top 2 - 5 traders will receive 2000 DEFL each, Total shared pool value 8000 DEFL
3. Top 6 - 25 Traders will receive 450 DEFL each, Total shared pool value 9000 DEFL

1. If a user DEFL/BTC trading volume is on the top 1, user will receive 8000 DEFL
2. If a user DEFL/BTC trading volume is on the top 2 - 5, user will receive 2000 DEFL
3. If a user DEFL/BTC trading volume is on the top 6 - 25, user will receive 450 DEFL




Rank User Traded
1 4a***u 7.76312829
2 oh***ik 1.84126915
3 Nai***i*e 0.26194281
4 ro***z**1 0.04455000
5 My****o*ns 0.03192377
6 5***50** 0.03132134
7 gr***ha**n 0.02281809
8 su**md 0.01975430
9 pa**om 0.01836879
10 p**el 0.01265496
11 Ka***l1**8 0.00960806
12 x*s 0.00854807
13 Pr***ono 0.00753455
14 hel***her 0.00727183
15 Mou****ng 0.00690512
16 Do***l*m 0.00620853
17 Si***a 0.00612259
18 c**a 0.00570698
19 XU****ANH 0.00547134
20 lex***rzh 0.00495194
21 ka***la**e 0.00425791
22 da***nw 0.00404587
23 ni***olt 0.00328957
24 me***ah**t 0.00270312
25 mg***5 0.00224612

*Tradesatoshi reserves the right of final interpretation of the competition. Those users involved in competition manipulation will be disqualified. All rewards will be distributed among those traders who do not participate in these types of manipulative tactics.

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No Trading Fees Until 2020

25/10/2019 05:58:55 AM


Tradesatoshi is glad to announce that it will remove all trading fees until 2020.

Starting today October 25 2019 all users can trade on any market and pay zero fee.

Referral program will be temporary suspended, last payout of the year will be on October 28 2019 and will be re-activated once the trading fees are implemented again.

If you need more information please open a support ticket

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CON Listing

25/10/2019 02:00:53 AM

CON Listing




Block Time 60 Seconds
Diff adjust per block

Premine 50,000
0-5000 250 Coins
5001-15000 150 Coins
15001-30000 75 Coins
30001- 60480 50 Coins
POW Last Block 60480
Total POW Coins -2,449,000 (ended)

2 day Minimum Stake age
14 day Maximum Stake age
POS, 30 Coins per Block


CON Community

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LNO Listing

24/10/2019 02:03:31 AM

LNO Listing

The Livenodes Ecosystem

Livenodes is a blockchain-based ecosystem that builds a multitude of products and services with practical use cases. It’s well known that crypto projects are evaluated by market sentiments and use cases they intend to solve. Livenodes, unlike other projects that are focused on the particularity of a single utility, has multiple use cases that solve real world problems.


About Livenodes

Livenodes has been active in the industry since mid 2018, launching its first use case in July 2018 under the Crypto Masters brand. 

With an active marketing service provider, Livenodes supports a variety of blockchain platforms and startups, and actively participates in industry and community development. Speed, human interaction and simplicity are just a few things that make us special.

Livenodes' future is very bright and we plan on remaining at the forefront of this promising industry, creating more tools and services for everyone to use in new ways.  

We're committed to being a driving force in the blockchain revolution by increasing adoption of this innovative technology around the globe.

One of our primary aims is to create convenient and effective platforms that cryptocurrency investors will utilize. 

We seek to help advance the industry by fostering innovation, nurturing new and emerging technologies, and through substantial investment.

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CLOVER Listing

23/10/2019 09:07:55 AM

CLOVER Listing


The challenge and opportunity before us today is to begin to think of development through the lens of environmental health. The environment as a primary uconcern, not an afterthought. The science has never been clearer. We know the impact, the consequences and the unsustainability of our development model. As we continue to connect in new ways, we must also reconnect to Earth. The undeniable truth is that we continue to do great damage to the planet, and that we haven’t learned how to grow our economy without harming nature.

Financial institutions have a huge role to play. The banking sector at large is failing to redirect financial flows away from environmentally and socially destructive business practices, and importantly not yet tapping into growth opportunities needed to finance the transition to a sustainable economy, whether they are renewable energy or sustainable water projects.

We are already embarking on a new phase of technological revolution that will fundamentally change the way we live, work, relate to one another and interact with the external world. The speed, breadth and depth of current breakthroughs has no historical precedent and is disrupting almost every sector in every country.

More than technology, doing so will take a fundamental shift in mindset – one that will redefine our relationship with the planet and its natural systems.

Simple the biggest difference with all the cryptocurrency is with Clover Coin will be use to purchase natural goods of all kind and everytime a purchasing transaction is made with Clover Coin a 5% is taken off to go on the Clover Foundation who have the mission to protect and restore the Planet.

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ESBC Listing

23/10/2019 08:04:03 AM

ESBC Listing


Nowadays online betting has quite drastic issues: in particular, major members of the market do not want to adapt to new trends and technologies, neither do they want to perform open and transparent operation(s). That is why our team of developers is (are) working on a brand new project. Our direction of development has been formed in such a way that we can provide the average better with the following conveniences:

• Anonymity
• Minimal number of third parties in betting
• Speed and decentralization
• Low commission due to the rejection of traditional financial systems

All of these conditions are successfully implemented with the help of blockchain technology. Consequently, creating ESBC, we also set up the best conditions for those users who are already fans of betting and cryptocurrencies.


ESBC wouldn’t have been created without the work already performed by the teams of Bitcoin, Dash, PIVX. Software with an open source code is so valuable, because the product can be improved and updated thanks to innovations of new active users. Consequently, developers encourage any initiative, fight for transparency and freedom of information and believe, that open codes are highly efficient. We’re thankful to our predecessors for an opportunity to contribute to this growing ecosystem and to develop it in a new way for society.

Reliable algorithm

Every modern project needs a trustful source code. ESBC is based on the XDNA source code. It is also a child of the popular cryptocurrency PIVX which is a fork of the cryptocurrency that created masternode system – DASH. While the origin can be traced back to Bitcoin source code, each project has chosen a particular direction with aims and ideals needed by the community, which the project ESBC was created for. We are going to expand and pay special attention to the confidential features of our predecessors’ coin by the means of learning new technologies and, meanwhile, creating instruments and possibilities for integration of ESBC into modern technological platforms.

Developers for community

The community orientation is the main characteristic of the project itself. It clearly shows the significance of our clients’ interests in the system of priorities of the project’s developers and creators. The community orientation is an instrument which allows us to get loyal clients and their loyal attitude. Usage of these instruments requires intellectual and financial investments but also gives a chance to get a perfect product in the end.

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Community Listing

23/10/2019 07:42:20 AM

Unfortunately due some negativity from the teams of some coins that won the community listing on

Tradesatoshi decided not to list Electra (ECA) and Verus (VRSC)

Reports made by some of our users make it clear that those coins do not meet the standards to be listed on an exchange.,112.0.html,129.0.html

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