21/10/2019 09:03:28 AM

Delisting Notice


SZC CBRX DSP AEC KZC KUBO will be delisted from Tradesatoshi Exchange on October 31, 2019

Please cancel all your open orders and withdraw your coins before that date.

Withdrawal after October 31 will not be possible.

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UKC Lisitng

21/10/2019 07:13:27 AM

UKC Lisitng

Name: United Korea Coin
Ticker UKC
Type: PoW/Pos & Masternodes
Algo: x14
Block Information
Modifier interval: 1 hour
Target Timespan: 1 hour
Max Block Size: 77mb
Block Time: 70 seconds
Coinbase Maturity: 77 Blocks

PoW Info

Block 1001 - 50,000: 100 UKC per block
Block 50,001 - 100,000: 50 UKC per block
Block 100,001 - 150,000: 25 UKC per block
Block 150,001 - 200,000: 12.5 UKC per block
Block 200,001 > 2.5 UKC per block

Coin Info

Min stake age: 7 hours
Max Stake Age: 28 days
Reward: 7.7% Per Annual Year

Masternode Info

Start Date: Monday, 7 October 2019 07:07:07
Confirmations: 7 Blocks
Amount Required: 500,000 UKC
Reward: blockValue * 7/10

InstantX Info

Required confs: 7 Blocks
Max Confs: 18 Blocks

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ZRX Listing

20/10/2019 02:53:14 AM

ZRX Listing

The exchange layer for the crypto economy

The world's assets are becoming tokenized on public blockchains. 0x Protocol is free, open-source infrastructure that developers and businesses utilize to build products that enable the purchasing and trading of crypto tokens.

Anyone in the world can use 0x to service a wide variety of markets ranging from gaming items to financial instruments to assets that could have never existed before.

Blockchains have been revolutionary by allowing anyone to own and transfer assets across an open financial network without the need for a trusted third party. Now that there are hundreds [1] of blockchainbased assets, and more being added every month, the need to exchange these assets is compounding. With the advent of smart contracts, it is possible for two or more parties to exchange blockchain assets without the need for a trusted third party. Decentralized exchange is an important progression from the ecosystem of centralized exchanges for a few key reasons: decentralized exchanges can provide stronger security guarantees to end users since there is no longer a central party which can be hacked, run away with customer funds or be subjected to government regulations. Hacks of Mt. Gox, Shapeshift and Bitfinex [2, 3] have demonstrated that these types of systemic risks are palpable. Decentralized exchange will eliminate these risks by allowing users to transact trustlessly - without a middleman - and by placing the burden of security onto individual users rather than onto a single custodian


Support for all Ethereum Standards

0x Protocol facilitates the decentralized exchange of a growing number of Ethereum-based tokens, including all ERC-20 and ERC-721 assets.


Networked Liquidity

0x is lowering the barrier to entry by building a layer of networked liquidity that allows businesses to tap into a shared pool of digital assets.


Flexible Integration

0x is a modular system that enables businesses and projects, known as relayers, to easily add exchange functionality to any product experience.

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Community Voting

18/10/2019 04:07:30 AM

Congratulations to the winners.

The following coins will be listed on Tradesatoshi shortly

Livenodes $LNO
Paycon $CON
Verus $VRSC

Unfortunately Electra $ECA will not be listed because do not meet the exchange standards, more information can be found here,112.0.html

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HT Listing

14/10/2019 05:40:39 AM

HT Listing

Huobi Token (HT) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum platform. Huobi Token (HT) price for today is $3.44 with a 24-hour trading volume of $98,414,655. Price is up 0.7% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 246 Million coins and a max supply of 500 Million coins. The most active exchange that is trading Huobi Token is Huobi Global. Explore the address and transactions of Huobi Token on block explorers such as, and Additional information about Huobi Token coin can be found at

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MX Listing

13/10/2019 02:09:07 AM

MX Listing

A Worldwide Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Launched by senior quantitative trading teams form Wall St., Europe and Japan in the form of distributed organizations, MXC is committed to providing digital assets followers worldwide with secured, fast, and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading services.

Five business models are provided on MXC platform: Spot Trading, OTC, Contracts, PoS Pool, and MXC Labs.


High Performance

High-performance mega-transaction matching engine technology


Super Node

Distributed “Super Node” program for adequate community autonomy.


Advanced Security Protection

Assets protected by top-level security firms Palmim and Knownsec

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LAMB Listing

12/10/2019 02:52:21 AM

LAMB Listing


Lambda Consensus Network

A trusted mechanism, guarantees the integrity and security of data to replace the brand endorsement of centralized storage, and completes the relevant technical process of data security and integrity verification through the Lambda PoST.


Lambda PoST

We believe that all decentralized storage projects follow the core requirement of Provable Data Integrity to ensure data being stored in a secure a trusted way on the permissionless enviornment, Lambda separates the Storage system from the blockchain based consensus network, create the validator role that runs on the consensus network to fully implement the PDP, POR that are mentioned in the storage academic research, and realize the PoST ( proof of Space and Time ) certificate.



DApps are important part of any blockchain eco-system and for its successful implementation a decentralized storage infrastructure is really important. Lambda solves this problem by providing data storage, data integrity check and security verification on Lambda’s chain Consensus Network.


High Reliability

- Mining economic mechanism
- Incentive and penalty strategies
- PDP&POR technology
- Lambdachain order and data restoration


High Security

- Access control based on MA-ABE
- Attributes removal through agent encryption
- Data sharing with fine‑grained access control


High Performance

- VRF + BFT algorithm
- 5000 TPS on the testnet
- 15s for one block generation

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SPAZ Listing

11/10/2019 00:41:56 AM

SPAZ Listing

Swapcoinz The #1 Innovative Playground Solution For African Kids With our sole Mission to be a bridge between Families and Businesses.

Sometimes we think that loving Children is enough to show that we care for them, but it's beyond that... We feel that In most African countries Childen are like Cheated from their Rights to Play., Swapcoinz, & is borned from That basic need to satisfy this cry in most Children in Africa.. We are committed to nurturing the play, imagination and early learning in children while providing a clean safe environment for children to explore and have fun to the maximum..

SPAZ will be used for gaining access to all our SPAZ Amusement Park In the whole of African Countries.With Swapcoinz African kids are able to gain back their right to play and to enjoy their leisure time. With Swapcoinz African kids are able to Understand what Play is, to improve their Social, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Self Confidence, Experience success as a result of persistence and perseverance and lots more ..

SWAPCOINZ is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.


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KONJ Listing

10/10/2019 07:37:09 AM

KONJ Listing

KONJUNGATE is inspired by the cyber novel MACHFELD written 1999 by Michael Mastrototaro. Strangely, the main character of the book is called Nakamoto and thus resembles the pseudonym of the BITCOIN inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. What a coincidence, right? Anyway. In his cyber novel, he describes 9 years before Bitcoin appears on the cryptocurrency horizon the mining of KONJUNGATE.

Now 20 years after publishing the novel online, KONJUNGATE appears as a Media Art project to decentralize the funding of international contemporary Artists and art organisations and to give a strong artistic statement in times of budget cuts. How dose it work?

During the creation of the KONJUNGATE Blockchain, 1,25% of the total digital assets was premined. This amount of Tokens will be used as an initial fund for distributing the Token to a wide range of international art organisations, to support contemporary Artists and as registered capital for the charitable MACHFELD-Foundation (in establishing) which will ensure further distribution of tokens in the future and its task is to ensure value security by means of art purchases.


Name: Konjungate

Ticker: KONJ
Type: Hybrid, POS / POW / Masternodes
Algorithm: neoscrypt
Total Coin Supply: 21 billion
Block Reward: 1000 KONJ

Reward Distribution:

1000 KONJUNGATE / Block. shared as follows:
POW: 250 KONJ (no charity fee taken from POW)
MN: 455 KONJ
Charity: 100 KON

Block Time: 2 Min. Masternode Collateral: 600.000 KONJ Block Size: 1MB

Premine: 409.000.000 KONJ for SWAP/Charity- and Developer Fund 80% of the premined coins will be used as a gift for artists (in form of calls, scholarships, art-institutions like museums and the MACHFELD-Foundation.

20% for Markting & Development.

The MACHFELD-Foundation (in establishment) is setup as a legal entity. So the premined coins are not going to a single person. It is also a booster for the international art-scene. And it will stabilize the token price during art-buyings.

Links to the project:

Official Website

Download Wallet

Official Mining Pools

Block Explorer

Bitcoin Talk announcment

(So called) Social Media Links





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DEFL Listing

09/10/2019 01:58:53 AM

DEFL Listing


DEFL: The Deflationary Coin with 2% burn rate on each transaction occur on the chain.

Whenever DEFL transacted between users, 2% of the supply will be burnt automatically. This creates scarcity and increases value.


Deflacoin DEFL is an experimental Deflationary Currency with its own kind deflationary system: a yearly halving deflationary burn rate for transactions over 10 DEFL, For the first year, every transaction with an amount greater than 10 DEFL Coin, will burn 2% of the transaction.

And In the second year, the deflation fee will halve to 1%. In the third year, it will halve again to 0.5%.

Then In the fourth year, DEFL will halve again to 0.25% and then it will stay fixed at 0.25% forever.

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