XP Delisting

08/08/2019 06:27:14 AM


XP -ExperiencePoints Delisting Notice

XP -ExperiencePoints is undergoing a swap, we advice XP holders to withdraw their coins and contact XP developers for more information about this swap, markets will be removed on August 15 2019, and wallet will be removed on August 31 2019.
Please remove all your coins before the removal date, withdrawal after that date will not be possible.

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RVN Delisting

08/08/2019 06:25:05 AM


RVN - Ravencoin Delisting Notice


RVN - Ravencoin markets will be removed on August 15 2019, and wallet will be removed on August 31 2019.
Please remove all your coins before the removal date, withdrawal after that date will not be possible.

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ADT Listing

02/08/2019 13:17:49 PM


ADT Listing

ADT tokens are intended to serve as a convenience payment tool. We take care to do as much as possible with as little as possible and this is seen in our pre-sales system. More than 90% of the supply is distributed in multiple airdrops and competitions.

Our goal is to prove that there is another better and cheaper way to develop a crypto project. Join us and be more than attentive for weekly promotions. Our roadmap is interesting and adjusted to the wishes of the users, who finance the project. Enjoy your ADT tokens

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TRC20 Free Listing

01/08/2019 14:57:40 PM


TRC20 Free Listing


Tradesatoshi is glad to announce full support for TRC20 tokens from the TRON network.
We will also give the opportunity to a lucky TRC20 token to get listed for free.
You must comment your favorite TRC20 token here  and the most commented tokens will be chosen for the final pool.

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MDP Listing

01/08/2019 14:40:54 PM

MDP is a utility token created for MBAEX Exchange. 

MBAex Digital Pass, or "MDP" for short, is an innovative digital asset issued on the MBAex platform. The current amount in circulation is 660 million units, featuring and utilizing the characteristics of blockchain assets technology. 

MDP is an ERC 20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Methods of Distribution
The MDP issuance is fixed at 660 million, based on the following distribution criterias:
1. RMIB: 330 million MDP;
2. 300 million MDP reserved for RMIB 's bonus.
3. 30 million MDP reserved for distribution to the platform community contributors and charity events.


MDP Value
The leading free-flow fee reduction mechanism
The MBAex platform is proud to introduce the premier MBAex membership, as this allow MBAex members to enjoy value-added services such as fee reductions on unlimited trade transaction.

MDP(s) will be deducted as/for members’ fee. This utilized MDP(s) will be purged and recorded on the MDP's blockchain browser.

Example: (The fee will be adjusted according to the market requirements.)
1 MDP for every 30 days, 5% reduction of transaction fee for this account 
5 MDP for every 30 days, 10% reduction on transaction fee for this account
10 MDP for every 30 days, 20% reduction of transaction fee for this account
15 MDP for every 30 days, 30% reduction of transaction fee for this account
20 MDP for every 30 days, 50% reduction of transaction fee for this account
(no limit in transaction number and amount)

Enterprise-level Value-added Services:
MDP is the primary token utilized for future commencement of MBAex’s enterprise-level services and its suite of activities which encompasses coins-listing, advertising and branding services on MBAex platform and so on. All these would broaden MDP’s usage and thus boosting its acceptance and popularity amongst its communities. 

Purge Mechanism
The utilized MDPs will be purged and recorded on the MDP's blockchain browser. Thus MDP would become a very limited and valuable.

Consortium Blockchain Ecosystem
A Consortium Blockchain Ecosystem will be forged around MDP, utilizing its decentralised nature to conduct trade and build an ecosystem with the utilization of MDP as its core. The many usages of MDP will be further expanded beyond MBAex, leading to a significant increase in user-acceptance and usage, thus pushing the MDP’s value beyond its potential limit! 

MDP Trading Zone
MBAex will launch MDP trading zone. This will further enhance MDP value as a base currency in the exchange other than its usage for value-added services and fees reduction. The demand for MDP among its communities will only get higher. 

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AIRx Listing

01/08/2019 14:40:15 PM

Aircoins is the worlds largest Augmented reality, cryptocurrency gaming and marketing App available on both Android and IOS App stores. Users can hunt for, and collect cryptocurrencies within an interactive, A.R environment based on geolocation similar to that of Pokemon Go. Augmented Reality (A.R), the technology that superimposes digital content into reality is growing rapidly creating numerous opportunities for both marketing and gaming. Aircoins brings together the vastly growing industries of Augmented Reality and cryptocurrency in order to create a fun and engaging, marketing and gaming platform. This creates real use cases for the native AIRx cryptocurrency to use within the Aircoins ecosystem. The Aircoins team are extremely proud to be industry leaders in this space and have already partnered with over 40 crypto projects, achieved 45,000 active users, with over 18 million individual coins collected within the platform.

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THC Listing

28/07/2019 06:44:15 AM


The HempCoin (THC) is a modern blockchain solution aiming to solve a key problem, banks in the United States are not accepting fiat currency for hemp transactions. This issue and its roots trace back to the Federal prohibition on hemp.
Although hemp is now legal federally and on the state levels, across the board the battle is being fought in legislation. Strict regulations are being placed upon growers clearly showing the banks have remained cautious. There is now a decentralized way for consumers, businesses, & growers to transact.

THC's blockchain payment solution aims to end these problems, for 5 years it has been our mission to serve as a payment solution for businesses in the agriculture, hemp, and tobacco industries. Consumers can easily purchase goods and services using THC, online and in person though businesses accepting The HempCoin. Achievements include a massive 170-million-dollar market cap in January 2018, THC traded over 20 Million dollars per day, and it reached the top 100 on CoinMarketCap.

THC is fully vetted by Bittrex for the SEC as a non premined fair coin, was among the first 30 coins ever created in 2014, is a vetted fair community coin, has a huge following with Brand Recognition higher than most in the industry, and is a community organically grown coin like Bitcoin.

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CPU Listing

27/07/2019 10:01:21 AM


CPUchain Listing

CPUchain is a non-premine cpu mineable proof-of-work currency with gigablock scaling roadmap. Our vision is to build a community-driven currency and a complimentary of bitcoin with the support of millions of tps with pow consensus. Anyone can participate in mining CPUchain with their own smartphone or desktop computer, we aim to be an eco-friendly decentralized cryptocurrency that can restore the true people's power ( 1 cpu per 1 vote ) that is defined on Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper.

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KUBOC Delisting

26/07/2019 18:08:43 PM


KUBOC will be delisted on August 7 2019



Please withdraw all your KUBOC coins before August 7 2019, withdrawal after that date will not be possible

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USDT Moving To ERC20

24/07/2019 10:51:00 AM

USDT Is Moving To ERC20

Dear users,

On July 26 2019 at 9 am UTC USDT will be moved from OMNI to ERC20, USDT wallet will be place on maintenance for approximately two hours, during this time deposits and withdrawal will be disabled, after maintenance is done users will need to create a new USDT address starting with 0x, we advice our users to stop sending old OMNI USDT address starting with 1 after July 26 2019 at 9 am UTC.
After maintenance is done, withdrawal and deposit will only be possible for USDT ERC20 address starting with 0x

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