HTML5 Delisting

12/12/2017 16:33:18 PM

HTML5 Will be delisted the 10 of January 2018
HTML5 can be swap to HTML offline, please contact HTML team directly

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08/12/2017 18:37:03 PM

Please create a ticket if you having a problem with 2FA verification we can disable it 
you just need to CONFIRM that you want us to disable your 2FA CODE together with your details:
ADDRESS if available in registered:
that should match to account registered in the site to proceed this request.
This procedure is to secure that the request is from the real owner of the account.

NOTE: in making a ticket please put your word CONFIRM in the message to resolve your issue.

username:   coin1234 
email:          [email protected] 
full name:    brian go 
birthdate: 1-9-78
add: 65 USA  
CONFIRMED that i want to disable my 2FA verification code.

Refer Info. READ make ticket here:

or send email to: [email protected]

Published by: KimTheCat