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LAMB Listing

12/10/2019 02:52:21 AM

LAMB Listing


Lambda Consensus Network

A trusted mechanism, guarantees the integrity and security of data to replace the brand endorsement of centralized storage, and completes the relevant technical process of data security and integrity verification through the Lambda PoST.


Lambda PoST

We believe that all decentralized storage projects follow the core requirement of Provable Data Integrity to ensure data being stored in a secure a trusted way on the permissionless enviornment, Lambda separates the Storage system from the blockchain based consensus network, create the validator role that runs on the consensus network to fully implement the PDP, POR that are mentioned in the storage academic research, and realize the PoST ( proof of Space and Time ) certificate.



DApps are important part of any blockchain eco-system and for its successful implementation a decentralized storage infrastructure is really important. Lambda solves this problem by providing data storage, data integrity check and security verification on Lambda’s chain Consensus Network.


High Reliability

- Mining economic mechanism
- Incentive and penalty strategies
- PDP&POR technology
- Lambdachain order and data restoration


High Security

- Access control based on MA-ABE
- Attributes removal through agent encryption
- Data sharing with fine‑grained access control


High Performance

- VRF + BFT algorithm
- 5000 TPS on the testnet
- 15s for one block generation

Published by: ModDonnie