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DEFL Listing

09/10/2019 01:58:53 AM

DEFL Listing


DEFL: The Deflationary Coin with 2% burn rate on each transaction occur on the chain.

Whenever DEFL transacted between users, 2% of the supply will be burnt automatically. This creates scarcity and increases value.


Deflacoin DEFL is an experimental Deflationary Currency with its own kind deflationary system: a yearly halving deflationary burn rate for transactions over 10 DEFL, For the first year, every transaction with an amount greater than 10 DEFL Coin, will burn 2% of the transaction.

And In the second year, the deflation fee will halve to 1%. In the third year, it will halve again to 0.5%.

Then In the fourth year, DEFL will halve again to 0.25% and then it will stay fixed at 0.25% forever.

Published by: ModDonnie