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API Upgrade

24/08/2019 10:49:36 AM


Tradesatoshi has made a new upgrade it's API

API keys can now be easily managed from the user panel, some of the new features on this upgrade are:

- Multiple API keys (up to five).
- Labeling, save each API key with a name.
- Enable or disable the folowing features:
    API ENABLED, enable or disable the api key
    ALLOW READ, allow read only
    API TIP ENABLED, enable or disable chat tip api
    API WITHDRAW ENABLED, enable or disable withdrawal via api
    API TRANSFER ENABLED, enable or disable transfer via api
    API TRADE ENABLED, enable or disable trading via api


Tradesatoshi is bringing new upgrades soon for those users who use our API this will bring them a better trading experience, we are open to suggestions, if you want a new feature you want to add please let us know by submitting a support ticket.

Published by: KimTheCat