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Fake Tradesatoshi Telegram Group And Scammers

03/07/2019 12:07:12 PM

Be Aware Of Fake Tradesatoshi Telegram Groups And Scammers!


We found that some scammers created a FAKE Tradesatoshi Telegram group!
This Telegram group @tradesatoshigroup is not managed by Tradesatoshi.

We have receive reports that scammers impersonating Tradesatoshi are often asking members to pay BTC in exchange of support.
We have received reports that this telegram user @iramdelcastillo and @AnhLG are often interacting with this scammers and also spreading false information about Tradesatoshi.

@iramdelcastillo's name is Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo and is linked to KNT

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo often interact with scammers and spread false information about Tradesatoshi.

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo has been caught before spreading false news on a fake newspaper Facebook page he created, this news about the Mexican military shooting and killing civilians cause terror, alarm and fear, this was exposed later by the newspaper https://www.periodicogritoinformativo.com on its Facebook page where over 170 comments rejecting Iram Del Castillo actions https://www.facebook.com/grito.informativo/posts/1986777198043274

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo has been linked as the manager of the social media accounts for the Mexican Cartel "La Sosa Nostra" as this blog post from an unknown source http://iramdelcastillo.blogspot.com/ claim Iram Del Castillo used fake social media accounts so the Cartel can gain Political control over the city of Hidalgo.

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo often interact using social media with SAFEX advisor Richard Bate and SAFEX CEO Daniel Dabek, Richard Bate and Daniel Dabek also have spread false information about Tradesatoshi before.

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo often interacts using social media with BUZZ developer Maxim Polyarniy, Maxim Polyarniy has also spread false information about Tradesatoshi on social media before.

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo is "Tracking" Tradesatoshi members with the intention of some "Legal action", We advice our Venezuelan members to contact police if they feel threatened or if they been harassed by Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo.

We had already reported this to Telegram and Police.
We advice our users to be aware of scammers and report them to police.

Published by: KimTheCat