TCWS Listing

17/07/2019 14:40:54 PM

Tradesatoshi List TCWS

Tea Coffee Water Snacks (TCWS) Token is developed on the prestigious decentralized Ethereum blockchain platform that is destined to revolutionize the market that enables people with entrepreneurial profiles and passionate about the financial and technology market to save and invest their wealth in a secure and decentralized currency and even earn an income.

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DAB Listing

17/07/2019 02:53:10 AM


DAB Listing



DAB is the Token Foundation based on the DABANKING’s own Blockchain platform. Currently, DAB is mined in the fairness way with the theory of POC algorithm on Ethereum Blockchain

* Name of token: DABANKING
* Symbol: DAB
* Descimal: 18
* Block explorer with API*:
* Github / Smart contract address: 0x5E7Ebea68ab05198F771d77a875480314f1d0aae
* Website:
🔹Bitcointalk ANN:

Logo URL:

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HUSH update

13/07/2019 05:35:34 AM

HUSH recently moved blockchain, the new blockchain has a snapshot of all old address balances, for security and technical reasons, users will not be able to use their old address and they will need to generate a new one, so we advice our users to stop sending HUSH to their old address linked to their account and generate a new address.
If you need more information please open a support ticket.

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What Is A Swap?

08/07/2019 12:15:35 PM

What Is A Swap?


In a few words, a swap is when a Coin or Token Blockchain is replaced by a new one.

There are many types of swaps and there is not a clear definition for each so we will explain the main two of the swaps Tradesatoshi had during its history as a Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Full swap: is when a Coin or Token moves to a new Blockchain and the old chain became obsolete, this type of swap usually has a deadline and all coin holders must move their coins or token to the new chain and after the deadline the old coin or token became obsolete.

Partial swap: is when a Coin or Token moves to a new one but the old Blockchain is still accepted as part of the Cryptocurrency , so basically is two Blockchain one coin, an example of this is the BNB token on the ETH Blockchain , BNB swapped into a new Cryptocurrency with its own Blockchain and the old BNB ERC20 tokens are still traded on many Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Swaps also happen on the FIAT monetary system, for example recently Venezuela, they had many new monetary system in the past few decades because of hyperinflation, once the currency became inflated they issue a new currency basically removing zeros to make it more easy to use and to carry.


Why there are swaps?


The final decision is made by the team behind the Token or Coin and there are many reasons why they do this, usually this is announced by the Coin or Token team and that reason is explained to the coin holders.

Some of the main reasons why a coin or token is swapped is because:

Problem on the code that cannot be fixed.
Upgrades that are not compatible with the old code.
Coins with own Blockchain moving to tokens on other Blockchain like ETH or TRX.
Tokens on other Blockchain like ETH or TRX moving to its own Blockchain.

The Coin or Token will have the same name after the swap?


This is also up to the team behind the coin, in the majority of cases it will retain the same name and ticker, on other cases it will re-brand to a new name or ticker.


Will i receive the same amount of coins after the swap?


This will depend on the ratio set by the team behind the coin, most of the swaps the ratio is 1:1 but for some this ratio is different so after the swap the coin holder will receive more or less coins.


How is the process of swapping?


The team behind the coin is responsible on provide a complete guide and assist the holders to swap into the new Blockchain . The swapping process is more easy when the coin or token team work directly with exchanges and wallet providers so the holders on those platforms will receive the new coins or tokens automatically, unfortunately in some cases the coin or token team decide to do the swap outside exchanges and wallet providers so the swap process became more difficult for the holder.
Usually swaps are done this way:
Automatic swap done by the exchange or wallet.
Application where the holder send old coins and receive the new.
Website where the holder send old coins and receive the new.
Offline, where the coin or token holder needs to send directly to the team and then they send them the new.

Swapping coins for a holder that dont have an understanding on how Blockchain works have its risks, we advice you to contact the coin or token team before swapping by yourself.


Are exchanges or wallet providers in the obligation to do swaps?


Absolutely not, exchanges and wallet providers are not on the obligation on swapping the users coins, some of the reasons are because there is risks involving doing the swap and the old or new coins can be lost, the exchange or wallet provider need the cooperation of the token or coin team to assist on the swap and sometimes they refuse to help or provide the new coins.


Are exchanges or wallet providers notified by the coin or token team of incoming swap?


Usually yes, we get notification that there will be a swap and we assist the team on doing it as smooth as possible that the user even notice it.
Unfortunately sometimes the coin or token team don't inform us about the swap and they swap their coin and refuse to cooperate on swapping the coins on our site.


What will happen if a coin or token is swapping and i decide to leave them on Tradesatoshi?


Users needs to check our news page for updates, usually if we been notified about the swap and we will support it we will post about it on the news page, if this is the case then you can leave your coins on Tradesatoshi and they will be swapped automatically.

In the case that we will not support the swap, we will also announce it on the news page, and we will set a delisting date for the users to withdraw their coins and do the swap outside Tradesatoshi.

In the case that the coin team decide to do a swap and don't notify us, Tradesatoshi will contact the coin or token team and ask for a clarification regarding the swap, Tradesatoshi will put effort and ask the team to provide the new coins, if the coin team refuses to cooperate unfortunately the swap will not be possible and the coin or token will get delisted, if this is the case we advice you to ask the coin or token team directly.


Swaps are common within Cryptocurrencies, if you are a long term coin or token holder we advice you to always check for news about the assets you are holding so in the case of a swap you will not lose your investment.

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ZEL wallet is back online

08/07/2019 09:14:07 AM

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NYAN Delisting

07/07/2019 07:28:54 AM


NYAN will be delisted on July 15 2019


Please withdraw all your coins before July 15 2019, withdrawal after that date will not be possible

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07/07/2019 02:20:53 AM

WINCOIN $WC Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange You can now trade $WC on $BTC $DOGE  $USDT and $ETH base markets

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SAFEX Delisting

04/07/2019 08:57:22 AM


SAFEX Delisting



Tradesatoshi announced the delisting of SAFEX on May 1 2019
Trading was set to stop on June 1 2019 and delisting date will be on July 1 2019

Tradesatoshi gave 30 days to its users to trade SAFEX on the pairs BTC DOGE ETH USDT and LTC and 60 day to withdraw.

Tradesatoshi never changed or announced other dates as the ones announced on May 1 2019 and that can be viewed here

SAFEX is a token that runs on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain, Tradesatoshi uses OMNI a client for OMNI tokens, Tradesatoshi's OMNI wallet was put on maintenance on May 20 2019 and it was announced here

OMNI Foundation who are the developers of the OMNI wallet announced that there is a bug that affect the wallet when is restarted "We have identified an edgecase issue in Omni Core affecting client startup." a tweet from them about this can be seen here unfortunatly Tradesatoshi's OMNI wallet needed to be restarted and it toke six days to bring it back online, this downtime was unexpected and not under the control of Tradesatoshi. Wallet was back online around May 25 2019 and this can be verified by viewing Tradesatoshi's OMNI Hot Wallet address 18rKsxwrdHxrfPjzAqNuxYr37wNNrxgrqy on the block explorer.

On June 1 2019 Tradesatoshi announced that SAFEX markets are now closing and that SAFEX will be delisted as scheduled on on July 1 2019

On July 1 2019 SAFEX was delisted as scheduled.

During May 1 and July 1 2019 Tradesatoshi processed over 300 withdrawal from over 200 users, also recover SAFEX sent to wrong user deposit addresses like BTC or USDT.

Many users reported that they cannot withdraw because they were trying to send the old SAFEX to the new SAFEX blockchain.

Unfortunately some individuals have spread false information about the SAFEX maintenance and changes on the delisting dates.

We advice our users to visit to get the latest information about coins on Tradesatoshi.

Tradesatoshi also warn its users of fake Telegram groups and scammers

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Elite 1337 Trading Competition WIN 2500000 1337

03/07/2019 15:26:20 PM


Elite - 1337 Trading Competition, WIN 2500000 1337



Tradesatoshi is glad to announce a new Trading Competition for this July 6 2019. Users will be ranked on the total 1337/DOGE volume traded (Buys and Sell included).

Top price for the number 1 of the list will be a Ledger Nano

Trading competition will start at 09:00 UTC July 6 and will end at 09:00 UTC July 14 2019. Users ranked with the highest volume on the pair 1337/DOGE will win a shared pool of 2500000 1337

1. Top 1 trader will receive a Ledger Nano
2. Top 4 - 5 traders will receive 200000 1337 each, Total shared pool value 800000 1337
3. Top 6 - 25 Traders will receive 50000 1337 each, Total shared pool value 1000000 1337
4. Top 26 - 50 Traders will receive 28000 1337each, Total shared pool value 700000 1337

1. If a user 1337/DOGE trading volume is on the top 1, user will receive a Ledger Nano
2. If a user 1337/DOGE trading volume is on the top 4 - 5, user will receive 200000 1337
3. If a user 1337/DOGE trading volume is on the top 6 - 25, user will receive 50000 1337
4. If a user 1337/DOGE trading volume is on the top 26 - 50, user will receive 280001337

Winners of Elite - 1337 Trading Competition are listed below



Rank Name Traded
1 P**k 160247.0479037
2 f**m 69629.66350211
3 T3R****0RM 49984.49837104
4 Ke**yx 46612.99542576
5 Sco***on 36646.32866675
6 njm***74 36485.57206025
7 du***r 33036.91914919
8 napp***lze 24998.34465706
9 dr***pps 23404.25715497
10 G**era***AbA 17133.10425746
11 barac***ss 16513.50368812
12 ph**l 14061.56852433
13 fl***dix 12830.73037164
14 Do***om 10808.56667151
15 ir**aam***va 10377.09849315
16 Jim***ma 10166.12668656
17 bl***er 8632.08095591
18 Fo**er 8572.97813677
19 fre***ld 8233.18926575
20 df***be 8051.61791504
21 online***sa 7992.10476862
22 mil***49 6656.16602425
23 J*hnda***mb 6428.79391794
24 info**ectr***rte 5524.7429524
25 egy***333 4639.05874062
26 fr*nc***him 3972.0086598
27 Vo**Ra 3270.74108524
28 tib***ust 3185.05215606
29 r***lna 3155.44999502
30 lo***eh 3011.5040503
31 Trad***02 2934.11422087
32 j**eto 2851.36161433
33 iva**et 2526.34159024
34 Ry***ato**i88 2509.03555582
35 Pi**xo 2284.96145128
36 Jr***n19 2187.8609779
37 l**robi***in 1979.47054347
38 Pi***_1337 1887.61957655
39 andr***101 1764.31132937
40 fre**eproi***go 1667.40543326
41 eg*cog***re 1412.63843757
42 ha***_304 1385.4183287
43 Ju**19 1247.38512818
44 Leo***o81 941.11567759
45 R***234 887.08001563
46 d***i33 824.88008335
47 x*s 658.52347093
48 ni***olt 596.25919026
49 vi***k0 520.92227832
50 Dan***en 519.25580581


*Tradesatoshi reserves the right of final interpretation of the competition. Those users involved in competition manipulation will be disqualified. All rewards will be distributed among those traders who do not participate in these types of manipulative tactics.

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Fake Tradesatoshi Telegram Group And Scammers

03/07/2019 12:07:12 PM

Be Aware Of Fake Tradesatoshi Telegram Groups And Scammers!


We found that some scammers created a FAKE Tradesatoshi Telegram group!
This Telegram group @tradesatoshigroup is not managed by Tradesatoshi.

We have receive reports that scammers impersonating Tradesatoshi are often asking members to pay BTC in exchange of support.
We have received reports that this telegram user @iramdelcastillo and @AnhLG are often interacting with this scammers and also spreading false information about Tradesatoshi.

@iramdelcastillo's name is Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo and is linked to KNT

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo often interact with scammers and spread false information about Tradesatoshi.

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo has been caught before spreading false news on a fake newspaper Facebook page he created, this news about the Mexican military shooting and killing civilians cause terror, alarm and fear, this was exposed later by the newspaper on its Facebook page where over 170 comments rejecting Iram Del Castillo actions

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo has been linked as the manager of the social media accounts for the Mexican Cartel "La Sosa Nostra" as this blog post from an unknown source claim Iram Del Castillo used fake social media accounts so the Cartel can gain Political control over the city of Hidalgo.

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo often interact using social media with SAFEX advisor Richard Bate and SAFEX CEO Daniel Dabek, Richard Bate and Daniel Dabek also have spread false information about Tradesatoshi before.

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo often interacts using social media with BUZZ developer Maxim Polyarniy, Maxim Polyarniy has also spread false information about Tradesatoshi on social media before.

Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo is "Tracking" Tradesatoshi members with the intention of some "Legal action", We advice our Venezuelan members to contact police if they feel threatened or if they been harassed by Iram Mag Diel Tavera Del Castillo.

We had already reported this to Telegram and Police.
We advice our users to be aware of scammers and report them to police.

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